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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 9, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> it was great to have you here, kelly. >> great to be here. >> america live starts right now. >> we start this hour with a fox news alert. less than two hours away from president obama's first formal solo news conference since april, a look for you in the white house. reporters expected to pepper him with questions about his decision not to meet with russian president vladimar putin and the administration's continued use of the controversial talking point. i am jamie colby. >> and i am greg jarret. >> they are focusing on law
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makers wasting time and attention on phony scandal instead of the people's work. >> to often over the past two years, washington took its eye off of the ball. they have allowed political postural and phony scandal to distract from our economy and growing middle-class. >> fox news poll find that people do not agree with the president. the interest in the benghazi terrorist attack is anything but phony and not phony to voters, nsa snooping on americans. and the justice department seizing telephone records and irs targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny. host of power play on fox news live. chris, you have written your insightful and provocative
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column today. it is entitled phony? balonnie. reporters are going to ask him about that phrase, right? >> oh, sure. this is where the rubber meets the rod. it is 100 since the president did a full press conference, in the end of april and it has been a hundred days and all of those scandals have grown, in case matacicized and in the case of the irs and spreading to other agencies and getting more difficult for the president who is getting ready to leave on vacation. it is a turby drop. you go and put it out there and give jay carny and his eventual successor ammunition for months to come. the president said and they can refer back to this. they know as they are getting ready for this, that the effort
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to cast the concerns as phony was unsuccessful and that even a press corps that is often treating the president gingerly is going to have to ask him and it is going to be tough. >> one of them in particular, 78 percent think that benghazi is a serious situation, not at all a phony scandal. and we'll look at these on the screen for the viewers. 62 percent think that the obama administration is trying to cover it up and moreover, after the defense secretary panetta testified after the initial 5:00 p.m. briefing with the president, he did not hear from the president or anybody from the white house that night. 67 percent think that the president should have been more engaged no matter what. so benghazi is a subject matter for the new's conference, right? >> certainly. if you think about it this way, back in april when the president did this, he and his team
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successfully isolated benghazi as a fringest issue and the people asking about that was some what weird. it was strange to be talking about this. and done a good job of damage control on that. unfortunately for them, subsequent to that, we heard from folks at the state department and heard about the presence of dozen of special forces and cia- operators in the city and more and more evidence come out and 20 or so diplomat outpostclosed or partially closed and the news of what came out on benghazi badly undercut the administration's effort to down play this. that make its worse. we remembered the doctored talking points, they look worse when the people find out about it. it is clinging the way we wouldn't have expected a hundred days ago to cling. >> phony scandals, mr.
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president, which ones are you referring? which ones? in obama care you point out interesting poll numbers. they are fox news poll numbers on obama care. i got to tell you, chris, people have tweeted us with their questions and half of them have to do with obama care. increase your taxes 71 percent think it will. 65 think it will increase the deficit. 62% think it is going to increase insurance costs and the quality of care will go down and so forth. and obama care, has got to be one of the questions here and maybe mr. president, why did you give an exemption to congress, you know? >> why did they fix the flaw as relating to them and their staff and the answer is self interest. we know that. and let me say this, we have the best poll in the business, not
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only because it is constructed with democratic and republican eyes and fairness. but the questions are smart. what do you think it is going to do to you? people think it makes their own personal health care worse and make their taxes go up and make the federal deficits go up and their health care premiums go up. that is not a morphed. it not concerns. it is specific concerns. we identify with them. the president is having a ton of trouble implementing the law. and we know about identity theft and things like that and just getting it out there and getting people signed up for the free stuff is proving difficult and now we know why americans are skeptical and will be more skeptical. >> he will get questions on the irs scandal and nsa surveillance program and edsnowden and put and i know terror alerts.
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it could be a long new's conference if he allows. it >> as gregg mentioned the reporters are getting ready to question president obama including our own. what would you like to question at the white house fuwere there. go to gregg garrett and jamie colby tv. we'll check them out and may read them on the air. >> the u.s. escalating the drones in yemen. the military reported three drone strikes in a day killing 12 militants links to al-qaeda. they are similar to ones targeting militants in cars. the drone campaign stepped up in the past week after warnings of possible attacks in the arab country next to saudi arabia. al-qaeda's franchise in yemen is considered one of the most
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dangerous. >> in egypt hostility to the united states is ramping up. opponents of former president morsi sitting under anti- americans. referring to ann patterson. referring to egypt and accuses obama of supporting terrorism. hostility to america is the only thing most egyptians can agree about these days and it seems that the u.s. is in a no win position since mors mors was ousted. supporters a cowed the u.s. of backing the overthrow and the military slams the u.s. for secretly supporting the muslim brotherhood. >> in that turbulent region we monitor a terrorist threat targetieting a u.s. consulate in pakz. it is in the northeaster part of
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the country and warning americans, don't travel to pakistan. greg is keeping an eye on the region for us. what do we know today? >> here we go again. we are in touch with the u.s. officials in islama bad, pakistan. there is a drawn out of nonessential personnel in lahore. it was dow to a specific terror threat against that facility. we have been to lahorr. country wide in pakistan we have seen violence in the days and weeks. in the southeastern city there was an attack. a gunman killing six. yesterday there was a suicide bombing and leaving 30 people
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dead. we have against the afghanistan boarder and that is the home base for the taliban. i think our vowers know that pakistan is widely considered by intelligence officials as the home base for al-qaeda. and the current boss. the state department is saying that they believe there is no connection between the threats and closure of the u.s. consulate and the shutter ring of 19 different u.s. diplomatec outpostin the muslim world in the past week. but there is one thing in common. today is the holy a of ede in the muslim calendar and ends the rammadan month of fasting. and it was thought that the terrorist might use the religious days to strikeout somewhere. most of the u.s. diplomatic facilities will be reopening in the next couple of days.
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again as the u.s. officials in pakistan tell us that lahore consulate will be shut down for the foreseeable future and the warning for u.s. citizens against travel in pakistan that stays in place according to the officials on the ground to terror groups indigenous and internationally oriented that might provide or present a threat to u.s. citizens, dangerous part of the world. back to you. >> it is. we'll talk about the impact of us here at home when we go to a country like pakistan. thank you so much, gregg. >> very emotional testimony expected in the fort hood shooting. yesterday soldiers breaking down on the witness stand as they describe the carnage they saw four years ago on one of america's largest military installation.
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nidal hasa n representing himself and making questionable decisions, casy? >> yeah, greg, the government's prosecutions flying through the witnesses, really. there are 81 on the list. number 36 left the stand, that was one soldier inside of the medical processing facility on that november day and witnessed the shooting. major hasan plans to call two witnesses to the stand and we don't know when that will happen. i have been inside of the courtroom and had a chance to study major hasan's behavior. he sits in the wheelchair looking frail and bushy beard. and he stares at the defense table much of the time. he's not shuffling through papers. just a blank stare and not looking the witnesses in the eyes as they sit there and give gut- wrenching testimony of that
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day. >> one witness referring to hasan with profanity which was stricken from the record. >> we have a chilling facebook update on the man who is accused of killing his wife and posted a picture of her on line after the crime. >> 15 minutes can save you. was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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>> a small plane is crashed near an airport in connecticut and three people are missing, including two children, a one-year-old baby and the other 13-year-old at a home, at least two homes caught fire. a multiengine propeller aircraft now out of new jersey, crashed as it approaches the tweed new haven airport. two homes caught fire and one woman was screaming for her children inside of her burning home and he went inside and had to leave because of the fire, again two children are missing. news today that there is another
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american diplomatic facility shuttered. the u.s. ordering the evacuation of nonemergency workers from the consulate in la hore pakistan. hold off on all nonessential travel to pakistan. this terror alert not related to a dozen others, why is the closing down of our consulate significant? i want to talk to van hip, former assist apt in the army and chair of the american defense sprl. thank you for being with us. >> jamie, good to be here. >> starting with the map at lahorre. we remember nukes right here in pakistan. what is the difference between the la hore closures and the others in place? >> first of all, official words different. in terms of al-qaeda threat is
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it shows be it pakistan or lahorr or yemen or closing of 19 embassies it shows al-qaeda is reconsti touting himself and we have had al-qaeda prison breaks and a to be on the look for more al-qaeda preson breaks. it is reconsti touting itself. it is not on the run. >> that is different than the message out of the white house. we'll show folks. what are we looking at pakistan. afghanistan. there is a border region right here. our byes and girls are serving us on the border of where we just asked nonemergency personnel to love from, nukes and a lot of u.s. dollars going
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to pakistan. what is the impact in afghanistan? >> no question. and also don't forget afghanistan, their government released over 1300 terrorist that we turned over to afghanistan. they released them to go back to the battlefield. when you combine that with other jail breaks and as far as pakistan is concerned it is important. pakistan is the epi center for terrorism from a financial stand point. they are the money hub. there is a report out in ka ra chi. they have found several outlawed pakistan military organizations that have charities to raise monies in mocks and fund taliban and al-qaeda. >> hams and hesbollah, look what is here next to pakistan and afghanistan, iran they are playing around. these are all of the countries that are involved in the
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closures and travel alerts and down here is yemen considered to be the most significant area and impacting other regions. what do you want them to know about yemen. >> the president there is a good guy. he's trying to carry the fight to al-qaeda, the problem is, yemen is almost in a civil war and fighting the pirates and the gulf and the yemen is teetering and he is a good guy and we need to help him. al-qaeda is owl over the african continent and araban peninsula. it is time for america to have a foreign policy. >> thank you for your comments and service to our army. thank you, take care. >> thank you. >> stunning new developments. showing the moment the devastating oklahoma tore
10:21 am
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>> there is tornado video and then there is a brand new surveillance video showing a massive tornado that tore through moore, oklahoma in may. five cameras on the side of the church captured the twister less than one minute after hitting
10:25 am
the blasta towers school and the surrounding neighborhood. can you barely so through the debris. the church narr rowly avoids the hit. was an ef5 tornado and left 20 people dead. >> a florida man turning himself in after confessing to killing his wife and posting a picture of her dead body on the facebook page. phil? >> neighbors described deshg medinna as odd and eccentric and learning he was charged with first-degree murder, for killing his wife a female neighbor said she was not surprised. he was charged with first-degree murder and turned himself in and he told the police he and his wife got into a fight and he
10:26 am
grabbed the pistol and she grabbed the comboif and she threatened to leave and he shot her. he shockingly proved she was dead on the home page and posting a photoof his dead photo. >> i am going to prison and possibly death penalty. my wife was punching me and i am not going to stand with the abuse and so i did what i do, i hope you understand me. medinna is expected to have the first court appearance. on social media medinna uploaded tons of photos and here is a picture one of him with a pistol and singing a long with ain't no sunshine when she's gone interestingly posted one
10:27 am
month ago today. disturbingly the 10-year-old daughter from another relationship is upstairs in her room throughout it all. >> his wife picked up a knife on him and he shot her. >> that the girl was not hurt. she is now living with her biological father and that horrible photograph of dead alfonzo was forwarded more than a hundred times before facebook got wind of it and then facebook shut it down. >> what a sad story. >> phil thank you so much. >> there are new claims that the irs is still targeting conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. how can this be happening? we have had hearings and revelations and all of these massive protest. our panel will debate what is going on and why.
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nashville where heavy rain released flash flooding and
10:32 am
leaving people in the cars and hope homes. >> you get sen inches of rain and that water has to go somewhere and it is gushing off of the gullies and the hilltops and these people are getting no warning at all. kind of like an avalanche of water. you can so streets and highs in and around nashville. authorities got more than 200 calls for help for people who were trapped or knew someone who was trapped. rescue boats plucking people from trees and rooftops or in cars that tried to crash water and got caught by water nowing down and some victims had to wait for hours on their roofs for the rescue. here are the people affected. >> this is terrible and hard. everything in my house is destroyed. >> all of our cabinets will have to be done. everything from here down will
10:33 am
have to come back out of the house. >> the floor, it started ribling and it was literally flooding and we put everything up high. >> i think i am still in shock. it happen and i can't believe it happen again. >> it was only three years tennessee and kentucky were devastated by major floods. this was the worst in decade. 26 people died and len thousand structures damaged or destroyed and 2.3 billion in damage. in fact a woman who got flooded out, she recently opted out of flood insurance because she thought there would not be another flood like this in a hundred years. she's out of her home again. and tennessee and kentucky and other areas expecting more heavy rains later on today. >> trace, gallinger. thank you very much.
10:34 am
greg, it happen and happen again. a bombshell report of the irsta for extra executiny andan an unnamed agent tells agents that the irs is targeting te party groups despite the disbanding. if this report is true, the question is how can an agency like the irs still be doing what it is under investigation for doing? brad blake former deputy assistant to president george bush. great to see you. first brad, i want to ask you this. if it is true, we reported a lot that it happen. we reported that it went beyond the cincinnati office, but not report with certainty that it stopped. how surprised are you? >> i am not surprised. it is out of control. the irs is so big and unweilding
10:35 am
they can't be controlled we have a real problem and the fbi and justice department have yet to interview the agreed parties that are targeted by the irs for the political beliefs. >> they contacted and asked to be interviewed. >> jay sekulo came on and said they are waiting for someone to contact them. >> they haven't talked to anybody. and the president told us that this cannot stand. what has he done. he runs the justice department and super vises the fbi and runs the irs. >> you have to admit it is not an independent organization. >> i don't know if i should admit or not. >> this particular agent unnamed we don't know who it is. we know that dave camp on the ways and means committee and public and partisan and it is a partisan investigation and this particular agent that is
10:36 am
unnamed never said that we are still targeting conservative groups. he said i was given no direction and i would highlight such a group if it came my way. he never said we are still targeting conservative groups. this is a preassumption which is not verified. >> i want to ask you this. there is one interpretation it is true they are not looking with extra, extra scrutiny to find te party and other organizations, but calling it a second screening? >> the role scandal is darril issa. >> what is that second look. >> there is no look. darril issa wanted only certain information released and refuseed to release information and only when the ranking member of the committee said i will. >> are you shooting the messenger. what is your opinion of the irs. >> he is a partisan said from
10:37 am
the beginning of the obama administration. i wish i could spend 40 hours a week investigating the administration. >> he is not a -- you are talking about irs or benghazi. >> the phony scandal terminology. if this one went further than what was reported and in the house ways and means someone gave sworn testimony that they are still thinking and giving a second look. >> if, if, if. >> you have a irs agent who is under oath. >> who? >> name them? >> this is. >> we don't know who it is. >> this is unreported. >> thank god for darril issa. if not for him, none of the truths would come out. you have irs employees that admitted doing wrong to retire or -- >> i got a question for you. >> or take the fifth.
10:38 am
>> why did he want only information about conservative groups. >> there was no reports of progress. >> there is reports allen. have there been reports and maybine numbers affiliated with the number of nonconservative groups that were targeted for othererancy. >> there were more conservative groups targeted and it was at the time te party groups were formed and applying to get tax exempt status and because of what was happens at that time more te party and progressive groups were. he tried to with hold. >> let me just say. this in 2010, the president of the united states went before the press and said these groups are unamerican. and he also said the voters.
10:39 am
>> there is no evidence that it goes to the president. provide some if you got it. >> on that note, thank you so much. brad and allen, good t see you both. >> president obama is about to give a rare solo nows conference in the white house. he expected to face tough questions on the so- called phony scandals. we'll take you there live and plus, you want to know what you would ask the president. and tweet us at gregjarret and camy colby tv. >> a record number of americans are on food stamps these days and a fox news investigation exposed the government's startling attempts to gettine more to sign up for hand outs. and a small victory for the parents of actress amanda bynes as they head to court to try to
10:40 am
help their daughter.
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call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? fox news wanted to explore america's addiction to government aid. we is not an investigative team to travel the country, and they found out startling statistics. as brand new fox news polls find what americans are thinking about all of this. look at. this three- quarters say that americans rely too much on the government and not on themselves. and only two percent disagree and a record number of people receiving food stamps, 53 percent say this is because the government made it too easy. 40 percent blame it on the severity of the recession. joining us with a preview, peter
10:44 am
boyer is fox news editor at large. how easy is it to get foot stamps? >> it is a lot easier. one of the people that we talked to who has become semii- famous in this building as we have made this broadcast, is an example of how easy it is become. there is no longer, there used limb sglooifrjtsdzs on food sglooifrjtsdz stre sglaifrnliens and they sglooifrn washed away when president obama signed the stimulus bill. and it used to be exceptions and working and involved in a work fair program and training for work gone. you have to you walk in and say i want food stamps. >> they are not food stamps
10:45 am
anymore. it is what amounts to a bank card. just like anybody has and they are not stamps, the recipient pays nothing into it. >> there is no embarrassment when you pay for your food. you slide it. >> that was a deliberate. there was a time, food stamps, there used to be a sense in this country, if you are on the government dole, there was a stigma and ashame involved and the government decided to change policy and go to a bank card, they called them compassion cards. well, that's where we are. >> i want to pay a clip. this is a guy in southern california that john roberts went out and followed around. i refer to him as surfer dude. i think everybody does. he surfs by day and plays in a band by night and eats lobster generally speaking on his food
10:46 am
stamps, courtesy of you the taxpayer. here is a clip of surfer dude. >> this is the long- term plan. >> it is the job. >> it used to be that you know, somebody was on food stamps they are like on food stamps and loser. what is the at to youed like now? >> it would be bad in any way. it is free food and awesome it is help from the government and i am taking advantage of it. >> we follow him around. we go in the grocery store and he buys lobster and luxury food. and his attitude is sort of peter, why should i work when the government pays me not to work? >> it is free food and awesome, dude. it is in a way slightly grotesque and holds it up. thanks mr. and mrs. america, thanks taxpayer.
10:47 am
once upon a time he would be limited and is no longer and the risk of the current food stamp program say the problem is, no longer it is a sense of helping and assistance and temporary but an expectation. this is a creature of that new sense. i don't get it. why would you ask me. it is there and free and mine, hey? >> and it is so easy. go in and say i need more food stamps and you don't have to she food stamps or should i say snap cards. >> they used to be food stamps and used to be a measure of embarrassment to it. and i can take care of myself and the government has broke down the resistance that comes from that field.
10:48 am
>> we don't have time for it, but one of the parts that you focused on is how the government literally sends out people to recruit americans to get on food stamps, and i mean, it is astonishing. >> they gave an award to a social worker who went down in the hill country of north carolina and broke down mountain pride. the pride that caused these people to resist going on food stamps and increased food stamp participation and the federal government gave her an award. >> the government should be doing the opposite and try to wean them off. it is a documentary, fox news reporting, the great food stamp binge hosted by bret baier and peter is in it. it airs tonight right here on
10:49 am
fox news. peter, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> a judge makes a key ruling for actress amanda bynes. and she was committed for two weeks for bizarre behavior and we'll tell you what her parents have gotten now. >> it was a terrifying scene in a county fair. a bull breaking loose and heading for a crowd of people. not your regular four- h stuff. we'll give you the latest.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
welcome back. a terrifying scene to be sure at a minnesota county fair. look at this. that's a bull breaking free from its pen, charging into a crowd of hundreds of fair-goers.
10:53 am
eight people ended up being injured and one woman spent the night in the hospital. the sheriff's deputy tried to stop the bull by firing two shots at it but ended up getting run down by the bull himself. eventually, they got the animal under control but the owner reportedly had to have it put down today saying it was a good bull but it wasn't worth putting more lives at risk. good bull. former child star amanda bynes has purportedly been placed on an extended 30 day psychiatric hold according to tmz. bynes's doctors at the psychiatric hospital where she's been held the last two weeks determined she wasn't well enough to leave the hospital for a scheduled court hearing she had today. that is where a judge granted her mother temporary legal control of her life. trace gallagher live in los angeles with more. turns out it's a lot tougher to get this in california than it
10:54 am
would have been say in new york but the parents did it. what does it mean for amanda, trace? >> just what you said. 27 years old now, she has no control at all over her personal affairs or financial affairs and even her health care. her parents were pushing for this, right? wanting her to get that psychiatric hold extended. as you said, doctors finally agreed. they say that she is suffering from schizophrenia and the judge could ultimately put amanda bynes' parents or social worker in charge of her medical care up to one year and after that it can be renewed year by year. bynes was taken into a mental health unit two weeks ago after starting a fire in a stranger's driveway. a witness then says she took off her pants and claimed that her dog, which was covered in gasoline, was hurt. the dog turned out to be fine. listen to the person who notified 911. play it. >> what's on fire? >> it's like a small piece of
10:55 am
cloth and a gasoline tank, which is why i'm calling 911. >> where is it? is it in the roadway? >> no. it's in a driveway. >> bynes' parents claim their daughter is also burning 34 her life saves and has substance abuse problems and body image issu issues. bynes was a nickelodeon star as a kid, starred in movies like "hairspray" and "she a's the ma i'm told is hilarious and now she is in a psychiatric hold for at least another 30 days and that could easily be extended depending on how she fares. >> i'm sure they're doing the best they can. trace, thanks so much. have a good weekend. there's a new terror threat in pakistan forcing the government to evacuate all no non-critical personnel in lahore. more on this latest threat coming up. just about an hour from now, president obama will hold his
10:56 am
first solo news conference since april. we want to know what you would ask the president if you could attend the news conference. viewer bill tweets the following. you continue to say these are all phony scandal, wouldn't complete transparency prove your point? stonewalling adds fuel. that's a great one. you can tweet us at gregg jarrett and jamie colby tv. we'll be right back. grrrr! ahhh! let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 40% off. only at
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awaiting president obama's news conference, a rare white house news conference just one hour away, intense interest today, as the president is set for his first full-fledged solo news conference in many months. brand new hour of "america live." i'm gregg jarrett. >> great to be with you, greg. nice to be with you. i'm jamie colby in for megyn
11:00 am
kelly. among the many topics, the white house decision to cancel a summit meeting with president putin and shutting down embassies around the world that adds now pakistan. officials at the state department are going over to pakistan and yemen and the host of the special report, bret baier, to give us more context on this. how are things looking there now? this is extremely broad. >> yeah, jamie. after the embassy closings, the original round of embassy closings you had after the original terror threat, then you had this additional close iing the consulate in lahore, pakistan and you have this sense there is increased intelligence about a danger to u.s. officials all across the world. it's not specific that much about location or time and how the u.s. government or how this
11:01 am
obama administration is dealing with it will probably be a focus of this press conference in an hour. >> is adding pakistan a game changer? because usually when i think of pakistan, i think of india being concerned, not us. in the past we relied on them to keep the work and people we send over there secure. now, we're telling them non-emergency, get out and don't go. >> it's significant. pakistan is major danger zone for us because of the terrorist presence in pakistan. you're right. the pakistani military, the government there has worked to protect u.s. facilities. the fact that consulate in lahore is essentially being closed, u.s. officials being pulled out is a major concern and one that raised a lot of eyebrows today. >> so, brett, i know you're manning the ship. you have special report at 6
11:02 am
p.m. eastern. we have people, good people, the best over at the white house to ask questions. since you won't be there personally, what would be your question today? >> you know, i was listening earlier, chris wallace i thought had a great question. i don't want to steal his. i would go down that same road, which would be looking at the latest fox news polls where it say as serious situation or phony scandal, 78% say benghazi is serious. 69% say nsa, doj, 59%, irs, 59%. listing these different scandals and then asking the president which one of those is a phony scandal? and to get his reaction to some of that. there are many specifics you can ask about. obama carry, the implementation of it, all the things that we're hearing over the last few days, it could be a wide open press conference. usually, you have one theme,
11:03 am
something reporters keep coming back to. >> how do you choose? >> this could be a potpourri of questions. >> we're getting great questions from our viewers on twitter. also -- let me give you a preview. you mentioned obamacare, one of the new fox polls we have we'll talk about that the voters say -- 57% say obamacare opposed to going well is a joke. a joke. that's what they polled and voted for. we're going to talk about that. you bring up a good point. thank you, bret. we'll see you later. >> see you, jamie. >> definitely check in with bret at 6:00 p.m. eastern on special report. he and a team of the best in the business. he'll be breaking down everything from the president's news conference, the questions, the answers we got and the ones that we didn't. >> as we just mentioned, this will be president obama's second full-fledged solo news conference in his second term. in his first term, the president actually held 21 news conference
11:04 am
s. by the way, the record holder for the most presidential news conference is calvin coolidge. in the 1920s, he held 391 in one term. wasn't his nickname silent cal? really? >> the things you know, greg, it always amazes me. >> how could that be? 321 news conferences and he was silent cal? i think it was dinner parties he didn't have much to say. the president who had the least since president eisenhower was george w. bush, he held 17 in his first term. as we've been saying, it was great to hear from you. if you were at the white house today, we asked you on twitter, one viewer tweeted how can we trust the nsa is not abusing its authority when we know they have lied to congress? great question. you can tweet us at gregg jarrett and jamie colby tv. we'll check them out and trying to read as many as we can on the
11:05 am
air. >> getting really really good ones and a couple more coming up. stay tuned for that. let's get more on the new terror threat. this is a new one. this one in pakistan, the u.s. government warning americans not to travel to the country. and it's advocated government u.s. personnel from our consulate in lahore because of what's described as a specific threat. national security correspond jennifer griffin is live. >> hi. u.s. officials say the latest closure is based on a specific piece of intelligence different from the one that led to closure of 19 diplomatic embassies and in africa and not related to the prison break in northwest pakistan on july 30th. they issued the following statement about the consulate in lahore, quote we receive d information regarding a threat to the consulate. as a precautionary measure we
11:06 am
are undertaking a drawdown of all except emergency personnel and they will move to islamabad where there is greater security and the state department yesterday urging americans not to travel to pakistan. am manza wa jiri like bin laden is believed to be hiding in pakistan in light of the end of the holiday, they are taking this precaution moving u.s. personnel out of the consulate in lahore just days after the u.s. air force flew 70 out of yemen to germany and they say al qaeda and its off shoots are looking for additional soft targets where americans kong gri gait. we expect a statement in the next 24 hours indicating which americans will remain until this saturday, greg. >> thank you, jennifer live with the latest news. we have another fox news on a story we have been following
11:07 am
today, a small plane crashing into a connecticut neighborhood and sparked a fire and two houses so far. three people are missing, officials say they include one of the people on the plane and two children that were inside one of the homes. the kids age 13 and 1 and the city's fire chief saying he presumes there will be a very bad outcome on this one happening near the tweed airport and saying the plane missed its approach. >> the aircraft is a general aviation aircraft, a twin commander we know departed the airport in new jersey at 10:49 this morning. it was on instruments landing approach of runway two, the south end of the airport. all we know is that it missed the approach an continued on. there were no distress calls, as far as we know, everything was operational on the airport. >> at the press conference they
11:08 am
also reported there was wind and rain at that airport at the time of the crash and the ntsb at this point taking over that scene and investigation, greg. >> that's a sad story. as we hear plans these days to create a mini series, nbc is going to do this, based on the life of hillary clinton, starring actress diane lane. there is growing opposition from within nbc, why the networks own employees are siding with the republican national committee and calling for nbc to rethink their programming. if you're a small business you already know new challenges as you eye the implementation of obamacare. we will talk to a business owner coming up here with this is perspective as republicans continue to sound that alarm. we need to do everything we can to point out to the american people how harmful obamacare is going to be, as it begins to be implemented. america is just now coming to the realization what a disaster this is going to be.
11:09 am
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a murder suspect is on the run right now, possibly with a 16-year-old california girl. an amber alert in effect in five western states as the search for 16-year-old hannah anderson enter as sixth day. now comes word that the suspect may have homemade explosives with him. will is live in los angeles with it. >> i want to start with breaking news. we have found in the last couple of minutes a car has been found in the very mountainous area of idaho, in valley county, idaho, a car that actually matches the description of this car that we've been looking for, the blue nissan versa. this is a story that's taken a lot of strange twists and turns. we can tell you that james dimaggio, apparently, we've
11:13 am
learn learned that he invited hannah and her brother and the mom to his house to say good-bye last weekend. apparently he told them he was moving to texas because his home had been foreclosed on. and fast forward to sunday night, dimaggio's home burned to the ground and inside investigators found hannah's mother's body and what many believe is the body of her brother, ethan, waiting or dna results and hannah's mom burned from blunt trauma, possibly killed by a crowbar and the fire was possibly started by some kind of homemade bomb and why police think dimaggio may be traveling with other homemade bombs and his car could potentially be boob y trapped. and hannah's friends say she said he creeped her out and he
11:14 am
wanted to date her if they were the same age and went to hollywood for her 16th birthday and apparently she went by herself with him and dimaggio is an avid outdoorsman and loves to camp and potentially they could be an isolated area which could flow into what's going on in idaho but we don't have enough details, trying to find out what's going on in valley county, idaho. as we get those details we will bring them to you. greg, back to you. >> will carlyle in los angeles, thank thanks. >> more concerns over the implementation of obamacare, the white house really coming down to the wire now. they postponed a critical part of the law for larger companies but that raised new questions about the challenges facing small business owners. the obama administration is trying to clear up some of that confusion by reaching out to them through a new website. it's been a tough sell all around. take a brand new look at these new fox polls that show a
11:15 am
majority of americans think that the new health care law is a joke. the question, is it going fine or is it a joke? 57% say joke. ryan tate is a small business owner and financial expert. i'm internet taking an opinion on this, i just want to report it both ways. you're a great example. you're in the publishing business. welcome, ryan. you have 300 employees. you have to make some changes. how hard will this be for you? >> it will be very difficult. it's already difficult. we're already seeing that the uncertainty that the affordable care act has put into the marketplace with private health insurance providers has already caused dramatic increases to health insurance premiums. >> are you paying more already? >> my company has a mid-year renewal coming up in september and blue cross blue shield has increased our premiums nearly 32%. the best answer they can give us is the unknown affordable care
11:16 am
act. >> unknown. you got a little bit of a reprieve for a while. your employees, are they asking you about this? do they understand what they're facing? it's very confusing. >> they are. they're a very educated staff and we've been very open and honest with them to make sure we can still provide good health insurance for them and their families. the kicker here is that the affordable care act is not here. it won't be implemented on time. the employer mandate being pushed back really didn't affect us because we have so many employees, but, to me, it shows you what's getting ready to come. they will continue to push it back and push it back. >> the uncertainty for you and them. you're saying you are going to fight to get them what you want to give them, not fire. how do you do that? >> absolutely. >> how do you do that? how does small business owners maintain their wildfires and comply? >> it's a great question. a question myself as well as many other ceos across the
11:17 am
united states are having to decide and fight for everyday. we have good people. we're going to fight for their families. i believe at the end of the day we'll get good options. i believe in america. i believe in what we can make happen. i'm not a fan of obamacare. i don't believe it's going to work. in oklahoma, where i'm from, we put a lot of new options on the table. direct health initiative, going to large health care providers and saying, hey, let's skip the middleman. >> escape level. interesting. good shout-out for your home state of oklahoma. nice to meet you and good luck to you. >> thank you very much. >> and your employees. we appreciate it. interesting, greg, to hear it from that perspective. >> yeah. we're reading your sweets about this subject and others, president obama set to hold his first news conference since april in just over a half hour from now. what would you ask him if you were in that pressroom? one viewer got on twitter to suggest this related to jamie and what ryan just discussed,
11:18 am
"ask him if he will give individuals the same one year delay that he gave for businesses on the obamacare mandate." another one from ed in the bronx. can we get a progress report on the hunt for the benghazi terrori terrorists? that's a good tweet, too. you can tweet us and we'll put it on the air @gregjarrett and @jamiecolbytv. >> hers is the most famous face is in the world. for century, we didn't know who she might be. it may soon be solved. plus the court-martial of accused ft. hood shooter nadal hasan continues in texas. we will break down the latest in the room. new backlash against planned hillary clinton films on two networks as the gop threatens to cut them out of the 2016 debates. we'll be right back. >> i think we have a big problem
11:19 am
if cnn and nbc think that they're going to put together promotional movies and mini series promoting hillary clinton and that the republican party is just going to go along and get along. the new guy is loaded with protein! i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure! nutrition in charge!
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11:22 am
you could tell just looking at her famous smile she held a secret for centuries, namely, who exactly was leonardo's model for the great mona lisa. for generations, scientists suspected she was lisa garadi ni, the wife of a rich silk merchant. but now researchers are exhuming bodies that could be her husband and sons and will do dna to see if they match female bones found two years ago in florence, italy
11:23 am
and if they match, experts will reconstruct the skull and compare it to the portrait in the hopes they will finally identify mona lisa. has been a mystery, could be solved. now you know. now defense inside the tent. another television network over growing opposition to nbc's plans for a mini series on the life of hillary clinton, starring actress dianne la-- die lane. nbc correspondent chuck todd says it puts the news division in a difficult position. >> this is why this mini series is a total nightmare for nbc news. we know there's this giant fireball. we know we have nothing to do with it. we know we'd love to be probably as critical or whatever is going to be if it comes out. there's nothing we can do about it and we're going to only own the negative. whether negative because clinton people are upset it's too tough
11:24 am
on them or negative because republicans think it's this glorification -- >> firewall? what firewall? there was no firewall when i was there. i digress. fox news contributor and former political advisor to frank lawsuit enburg and form former -- frank lat enburg. and former campaign official. good to see you both. is chuck todd correct in criticizing his own television network, nothing but bad outcomes, this will only damage what some consider to be an already tarnished image at the peacock? >> i feel bad for chuck todd and everybody at nbc. he's right. everybody has to make this distinction between nbc news, we're not nbcuniversal or whoever owns come cast, not sure who owns them these days. >> comcast. >> having said that, they're no more responsible than the simpsons and us at fox news,
11:25 am
owned by the same corporation but not the same thing. i sim pa these with chuck todd and aaron burnett -- erin burnett said cnn was a division of the media. >> this business about a firewall is an utter kinard unless things have changed since i left nbc and msnbc. >> and very skilled, an answer core at nbc said this. take a listen. >> here you have the republican chairman, i would say, understandably miffed ab these hillary clinton films, one a documentary, the other an entertainment film, which is, you know, all about -- >> bad idea? >> a bad idea? >> a lot of news people would say including nbc news people including chuck todd and the rest of us, a really bad idea given the timing. >> it's one thing to do a movie about somebody after they leave the oval office, another one to do beforehand that could propel that person into office,
11:26 am
especially if you have the beautiful and talented diane lane. >> hillary clinton should be very happy about that. diane lane is playing hillary clinton, well done. why don't they put a sign, hillary for president at "30 rock." that's basically what they're saying. >> are they a super pac for hillary? >> i think so actually. it has to be equal time. when are we going to get our documentary? i think steve ban non or ridley scott. >> well, they said that doesn't apply. >> it should. i have to tell you, as far as having equal time, showing nbc, talking about what chuck todd is saying and what andrea mitchell is saying, we're talking about doing the right thing. when you do a documentary on someone running for president -- >> here's what i think. >> the irony of all of this, this all began, remember hillary the movie 2008, citizens filed a lawsuit they were precluded from doing a negative movie about hillary clinton and rightly so it got overturned.
11:27 am
if you agree with that decision that a negative movie could have run during that election, why not agree with this grmpgt. >> the chairman of nbc is trying to justify this mini series. he said this quote, here's the justification, i think she's one of the most fascinating women of our time and the world. he was guessing like a tweenage girl when he said it. fascinating? i gave him the benefit of the doubt to figure out what she achieved. there was that failed health care scheme that didn't get a vote in the senate. no, he's talking about this. take a listen. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> what is so fascinating about hillary clinton? >> i don't get it but i will tell you, i think a chris christie documentary would be fascinating or marco rubio le e
11:28 am
leaving cuba. nbc talking about equal time, i'm saying it's the right thing to do. if they're going to do a documentary about hillary clinton, pick chris christie or marco rubio. >> both inevitably a political act masquerading as this unbiased production. >> i think hillary clinton and i say this as somebody trying to be unbiased about this, is a complicated woman. there are things about her people can love and relate to. >> what's complicated with her? that she stayed with her husband? >> maybe. actually one of those things, correct. don't you think this movie will not just so the patriotic of hillary clinton but discussion decisi decisions people will not be happy with? >> why don't we bringing in vince foster a flashback of 20 years ago. how do you know? how do you know? >> we'll see. >> can you name any significant piece of legislation she had her hands on in the united states senate? >> here's the problem with this what you're trying to do.
11:29 am
you're trying to tear down hillary clinton. >> you are. >> no. i'm trying to ask why she's fascinating. >> former first lady. senator. certificat secretary of state? >> greg, yonk thi don't think t fascinating. >> if her name had been hillary smith would she have been a senator or secretary of state? >> in some ways i think this woman is smarter than the man she married. >> that doesn't say a lot. that's an impeached president. fascinating, no. i think we should have our own. >> thanks, guys, for being here. appreciate it. months after the scandal broke about the irs targeting tea party groups, guess what? an irs agent tells lawmakers it's still going on. what that agent said behind closed doors and the reaction from lawmakers. plus, new reaction from russia. from russia, after president obama cancels and upcoming
11:30 am
meeting with russian president vladimir putin. what do the people say living there? what they're reportedly saying in moscow what some consider a snub and how the united states should react. ambassador john bolton joins us live in the studio next. [ metal rattling ] ♪ hello? boo! i am the ghost of meals past.
11:31 am
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11:34 am
years for attempting to bomb the federal reserve bank in new york, a feat attempted to detonate but failed to detonate the 1,000 pound building in the financial district back in october 2012. a bangladeshi national that planned to fight violent jihad. there was an official that posed undercover and now threating attack on the financial system. a report suffersing from a new interview with an irs employee revealing that questionable screening practices are still going on. mike emanuel live in washington with more on that. >> this is based on an interview
11:35 am
the house and means committee conducted with an irs agent last week said tea party groups even with no evidence of political activity would get to secondary screening. house ways and means committee chairman is furious saying the fact the irs still continues to treat the tea party differently and subject them to additional targeting is outrageous and it must stop immediately. the irs says the be on the lookout lists are gone. the agency has taken decisive action to eliminate the use of inappropriate political labels in the screening of tax-exempt applications. the irs says its policy is now clear that screening is based on activity not words like tea party and a name. that unidentified agent has told investigators a tea party group would get political advocacy screening while some democrats on capitol hill like to point out liberal groups have gotten some extra scrutiny a senate conservative says there is no comparison. >> the treatment wasn't equal, in terms of the sheer numbers.
11:36 am
i think the facts will show that it was the groups on the right end of the spectrum that were singled out and in a far disproportionate share. let's get the facts out there. let's continue to investigate. >> congress is, of course, on august recess but all indications are there will be more hearings and top irs officials will be asked to explain why this is still taking place. greg. >> mike emanuel in washington. thanks. >> it's no secret we have experienced some challenging mome moments and obviously not just over the snowden case. we will discuss these differences today for certain. but this meeting remains important above and beyond the collisions and the moments of disagreement. >> that's secretary of state john kerry talking about a relationship with russia and the
11:37 am
burden that he's basically feeling about how complicated it's become. those remarks coming during a high level meeting with his russian counter part today. you heard him mention one of the challenges they're dealing with, nsa leaker edward snowden. no surprise there. the man wanted in this united states for leaking sensitive information about secret surveillance and russia granting him asylum this week. then president obama canceled his upcoming meeting with russian president putin, saying in a statement there wasn't enough progress in their bilateral agenda. now, we're getting a look at the reaction inside russia. "time" magazine's reporting kremlin insiders never meant for the snowden situation to go as far as it did and that the invitation for mr. obama to visit still stands. there are liberals in moscow who are truly disappointed saying that president obama is neglecting his chance to reach out to them. how should the u.s. react?
11:38 am
ambassador john bolton back to us, former ambassador to the united nations. why are you laughing? >> this is a classic example of the russians spinning basically the insult they've administered to the united states by granting snowden temporary asylum. i think they knew exactly what the impact was, vladimir putin former kbg agent very focused get everything from snowden he can from his laptops and documents. i think this means he doesn't have it all yet and if it takes a year head be prepared to do it. i think if he had the material snowden would be on his way to ecuador or some other place long since. >> you would think the this apart in days. i'm sure our folks are of this the best. i want to talk to you more about what we do in this instance. we have breaking news yankees greg. i'll let you do that for us.
11:39 am
>> we apologize to the ambassador. this is the sheriff on the amber alert and the missing child. >> i couldn't really pass that on to you. vehicles are not really my understanding, they're not very practical in this wilderness terrain they've been located in. it's either on horseback or on foot. hiking or horseback. they did -- they did seem to think the two of them were out of place in that area, with the light camping equipment they had. it is very rugged terrain. but, you know, the people on horseback, the four individuals were out in that area. they thought it was just unique they ran across them up there. then, when they came back, they
11:40 am
made some inquiry and found out about the amber alert and information we have on dimaggio. the search will consist of aerial resources, people on horseback, obviously deputy sheriffs and other law enforcement from that area that know the terrain and all the resources of the federal, state and local government brought to bear on this so we can hopefully bring hannah back safely to her family here in san diego. >> i'm very confident and i think we should all be optimistic mat she appeared to be in some what good health and was alive on wednesday and we'll hope law enforcement will find them up in the mountains there and return them safely.
11:41 am
they were spotted in the early morning noonish hours. they didn't return back until almost sunset, back to -- from their horseback ride, and then subsequently that night and the next morning they made contact with law enforcement or saw the information and put the two incidents together and reached out to law enforcement. you couldn't really, for all practical purposes start a search in the evening, so they started fierce thing this morning. that's when they found the car covered in brush and able to verify it was dimaggio's nissan versa. we were notified about 8:00 this morning they found the blue car and verified it through the vin about 9:00 this morning our time. we have bomb arson people in the idaho area that will be rendering that car safe. nothing has been found so far.
11:42 am
>> did either one look nervous or trying to hide or anything of that type? >> i don't have that information. they had a conversation with them. and continued on their -- on their hike. not that we've been notified of. >> there you see on the right hand side of your screen, the two individual, dimaggio, james dimaggio, who is believed to have abducted the 16-year-old hannah. they are both missing. he is obviously wanted and may be in connection with the killing of her mother and another child. but car that his car that was suspected of maybe being rigged with explosives found in idaho. no explosives but they are still at large. so we'll continue to follow this breaking news story. >> greg, thank you so much. back to ambassador bolton right after a break. like taking a first step.
11:43 am
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11:46 am
let's bring back ambassador john bolton, the former ambassador to the u.n. we were talking about the impact of president obama canceling a scheduled meeting with russia president vladimir putin. "time" magazine took an opportunity to tell us something we haven't had an opportunity to know about. that is the reaction of the russian people. how does it affect them if president obama doesn't show up? >> many people who would like to see a more democratic system in russia hope obama pressures putin in that direction. from their perspective they think the cancellation is a bad thing. i don't think there's much evidence one way or the other that obama has pressured putin on that issue. i think fundamentally the cancellation of the bilateral meeting is cosmetic compared to the harm we're suffering as russia gets that information from snowden, the cancellation of a meeting really doesn't weigh on the scales of
11:47 am
comparability. >> it's a shame we didn't have something that could zap the information on his computer like we know if we lost our computer we could. do you feel they're still gaining new information at this point and having their hands on him? >> i think if the russians already had everything they wanted from snowden they'd be happy to get him out of the country. he's a potential problem and mag nat for international media coverage. they want the information no doubt about it, but they consider him a problem. i think there's a chance for more pressure to be applied if the russians don't have anything. we should have applied more pressure to china and should be applying more pressure now. i would go much farther than canceling a meeting, go back to rebuilding our national defense capabilities and make the russians feel some paint. i think it's important. >> we talked about during the break whether or not it would make sense to boycott the olympics. i don't say that without understanding what it would mean to our athletes and those
11:48 am
americans that travel for it but that's been raised. >> yeah. >> you say you would recommend going further. >> i would go further. i think canceling the olympics hurts us as much as it hurts putin. i would go after things that affect the real strategic balance things i think are in america's national interest like resuming the american national defense program like getting out of the badly flawed new start arms control treaty and russia using its oil and natural gas assets that threaten eastern and central europe. this relationship is fundamentally moving in a bad direction despite 4 1/2 years of concessions from obama and putin is still playing him correctly to get more concessions. >> ambassador bolton, thanks as always for being here and back home. greg. at the top of the hour, we're going live to the white house. president obama holding a rare news conference and the president facing reporters for the first time in months amid a flurry of what he calls phony
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
there you see on the screen, we're watching the east room of the white house for the president's news conference. more emotional testimony in the court-martial trial of nadal hassan. the former army psychiatrist who admitted opening fire at the fort hood army base in 2009. today, survivors of the rampage taking the witness stand and recalling the complete horror of the day. after the judge ruled hasan could continue to represent himself and his standby defense team would not be taken off the case. jeffrey king is a military lawyer, former marine judded a
11:53 am
-- advocate. mr. king, let me start with you because of your background. the judge made the right decision here. correct? these standby lawyers are just that. they stand by and they offer answers to hasan whenever he wants them. otherwise they're really not involved. >> right. the judge made the order a while ago when she agreed to allow hasan to defend himself. but she said if you're going to do this, i'm going to have your defense team standing by, on the sidelines, watching everything, hearing every witness so if he needed some assistance they would be ready to step in. and now they have gone to the court and said, you know, we're watching him put his noose around his own neck. we can no longer do this. you need to let us off the case. and the judge said, no. we're not going to do that. you're going to stay right there. which puts them in an ethical dilemma. >> it should not change the course of the trial, should it?
11:54 am
after all, every defendant has a right, even in a military tribunal, to represent himself, and if he wants to do a horrible job of it, he is entitled to do that. >> yeah. exactly, greg. so if i'm the judge i'm going to let him to do that. it was an act of jihad, getting the death penalty in response to that would be an act of jihadi martyrdom and that's what this guy wants, completely con temporary to the ethical constraints of any defense attorney. the client says i committed murder and i'm looking for a ticket to san quentin and the injection chamber. i would say, fine go for it, will not be involved. i feel for the lawyers because the judge ordered them to continue to be involved, and in doing so the judge may subject heck to -- >> wait a minute. wait a minute. jeffrey, it my be very clever on
11:55 am
hassans part. he can defeat the death penalty by doing a lousy job, make it look like he wants to die, and his lawyers say we have to stop the trial, it's unethical. >> and if you book up, this could have been his plan from the beginning. obviously no one really knows what is going on in his mind, his decision to defend himself. but one thing that can change this whole thing, the judge did say to the lawyers, you bring me something from the texas state bar, whether they're licensed, that says this does present an ethical dilemma, you can't just stand by and watch this guy essentially kill himself in front of the jury. that may change the judge's mind. the judge this entire time is just trying to make sure that this stands up to appellate scrutiny. >> you know, every defendant
11:56 am
would do what hasan is doing in order to avoid the death penalty. you can't allow that. >> right. >> i got cult -- cut it off here. we're out of time because of the news conference. david, i owe you one on that. >> no problem. >> good to see you both. >> we are expecting president obama to hold that white house news conference moments from now. when there will be questions from white house reporters on everything from the terror threat overseas to the administration's claim of phony scandals in washington. when the president starts speaking we will take you there live. the postal service is critical to our economy.
11:57 am
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>> i want to read one more tweet i got. this question for president obama at the upcoming news conference: please share with us what you did the night of 9-11-201 when people were dying and being wounded in benghazi. >> thanks for being with us.
12:00 pm
president obama's news conference is coming up very shortly, within a moment or two. "studio b" with shepard smith begins right now. >> shepard: the weekend will come. first the business of the day and the president is about to speak, we just learn how president obama plans to start the news conference. it is set to get underway in a minute. the white house confirms the president will begin with our government's secret controversial surveillance tactics, introducing what the white house calls new steps to increase transparency and restore public trust in the programs. we'll hear that from the president and get analysis on it as well. this ills the resident's first scheduled solo news conference three months, his first since 19 u.s. embassy and consulates in the middle east and africa closed their doors for the week, citing an al qaeda terror threat. his first since the meeting with russian president vladimir putin in the
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